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Testimony | Gutierrez Family

There are not enough words to thank you for your dedication and effort that you made for my family and I.

Thank you very much for your support.

I thank God for putting you in our path. Things were looking complicated. But, for Him [God] nothing is impossible. God made it possible by putting you, like an angel, to help us.

Thank you very, very, much.

Gutierrez Family

Testimony | St Michael Academy

My name is Alexander M., and I am a student at St. Michael Academy. I am in seventh grade, I have attended St Michael Academy for two years. I always thought that Catholic School was a waste. Little did I know, I was proven wrong very quickly. Catholic School has helped me a significantly amount. I feel that I have built a better relationship with God. When I go to school, I do not worry about bullying at all. I feel safe when I go to school. I also enjoy that there are not a lot of kids in my class. I get help when I need it. My teachers are great. The help me follow my dreams and help me with my academics. I am honored and blessed to be able to attend Catholic School. It is a true privilege. Thank you Bishop Flores, and Blessing our Future Scholarship for everything.

St Michael Academy

Alexander M (7th grade student)


Testimony | St. Rose of Lima School

When my daughter was reprimanded at her public school for writing about the times she prayed the Rosary during Lent, my wife and I decided it was time to send our kids to Catholic school.  With the way our (public) education system is headed it is more important than ever to send our children to Catholic school, where they can receive an education centered on Christ.  For us, we knew this would be a financial challenge but we had managed.  This year it seemed an impossibility to continue to send our children to Catholic school.  Our prayers were answered with the support we received from Blessing Our Future.  We are able to continue sending our kids to Catholic school, where their faith can flourish, their minds can grow, and their values are accepted.

St. Rose of Lima School
Mr. Oscar Plasencia (Parent)

Testimony | Mater Dei Juan Diego Academy

Blessing Our Future has been a true blessing for our family which has allowed us to make the commitment towards catholic education which is the most important investment for our children.  Thank you Mr. Stutz for all your hard work in coordinating this wonderful gift for the families within the South Bay.

Mater Dei Juan Diego Academy
Parent of kindergartner and 2nd grader

Testimony | St. Pius X School

Through this letter I want to express all the gratitude I feel when I see my two small children attend St. Pius X School. Only God and His mercy could had allowed for my children to receive catholic education within our catholic faith. Many thanks to all and each of the people that have kindly received us with love, their words, their smiles, the interest they show when they take care of my children.  Many thanks. I ask God our Lord to pour out His glory and blessings on you and your families. Thank you to all of you that took the time to read and listen to me and God touched your hearts so you would understand my needs as a mother. We are very happy; my children are ecstatic to be here where our God’s word is present through the education.
This is a joyous time for us as our voice was heard. I am a mother that fights every day for a better world, collaborate in the catholic communities.  I also thank my pastor Jose Luis M. for his support with FIAT with all the people from TADS. Many thanks one and a thousand times. With all my and my small children’s gratitude.
Bless them Jesus our Lord.

Roxana R.

Roxana R.

Don’t Give Up on Our Catholic Schools

Superintendents and the National Catholic Educational Association respond to “Reinventing Catholic Schools”

For nearly 40 years, the people of Baldwin County have been praying for a Catholic high school. That dream was realized on Aug. 17, 2016, with the opening of St. Michael Catholic High School in Fairhope, Ala. It will open with freshman and sophomore classes and will add one grade each year thereafter, for a maximum enrollment of 350-400 students. Archbishop Thomas J. Rodi blessed the school at the dedication ceremony on Aug. 6.

“Reinventing Catholic Schools,” by Charles Zech (8/29) [2], is accompanied by a photo of the entrance to a large, run down building with broken windows. The picture reflects the bleak message of the entire piece, which fails to mention the incredible work being done in Catholic schools across the country today. As the superintendents of Catholic schools and members of the National Catholic Educational Association, we work each and every day in schools that look nothing like what the author describes.

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