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How do I apply for a FIAT scholarship?

Applying for a FIAT scholarship is a simple process. There is a required financial aid application, which will need to be completed at and can be accessed on  On the homepage you will find a Blessing our Future button.  Click on the button and it will take you to TADS.

Is there an application fee?

Yes, there is a $32 fee per family. This $32 fee allows you to apply for both the Blessing our Future and Bishop Flores Scholars scholarships if you wish to apply for both.

Where do the scholarship funds come from?

All of the funds raised for the Blessing Our Future campaign are through our partner parishes in the South Bay region. It is through the generosity of these parishes and parishioners that we are able to offer quality Catholic education to the children of San Diego’s South Bay region.

What are the requirements to qualify for a scholarship?

Every family wishing to receive a Blessing our Future scholarship must be a registered parishioner of one of the partnering 11 parishes in the San Diego South Bay Region, and their child or children must be in grades K-12.

What parishes are participating in the scholarship program?

The eleven South Bay Parishes participating are:

        Corpus Christi (Bonita)

        Mater Dei (Chula Vista)

        Most Precious Blood (Chula Vista)

        Our Lady of Guadalupe (Chula Vista)

        Our Lady of Mt. Carmel (San Ysidro)

        St. Anthony (National City)

        St. Charles (South San Diego/Imperial Beach)

        St. Mary (National City)

        St. Michael (San Diego/Paradise Hills area)

        St. Pius X (Chula Vista)

        St. Rose of Lima (Chula Vista)

How are scholarship recipients chosen?

The scholarships are determined based on need. There are limited funds available, so if you are interested in participating, we encourage you to turn in your application as soon as possible.

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